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Saturday, May 1, 2010


What is the largest/most fun family gathering you remember?

Ginger is remembering one or more of several ski trips. I tried to find the fishing trip pictures and instead found some other very interesting pictures I will post sometime.
Meanwhile take a look at some ski pictures.

We really did have a lot of fun on those trips.


  1. My first family gathering memory I was really young. I remember going to the damn? And I had a pink pool and Bonnie and Becky were there and I remember camping and netting fish at the base of the damn? I remember Bonnie gutting fish and just loving wandering around and hanging out. I also remember having a Christmas where alot of us were at the farm and the cousins were all cracking nuts for grandpa(Brazil nuts....the new politically correct name). I remember sking with Grandpa and Bonnie and Becky and Necia.

  2. Oh ho, Ginger: Do you remember the wind? and trying to make it through the night with out blowing away? Didn't the pool blow away? The whitefish were running and we put up enough for our family (as in the Forsyths) for the year. I have some pictures somewhere ... if I find them I will post them - of the fishing trip, pancake breakfast and tents.