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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


In my family history class we are required to submit and then post on a blog a pedigree showing 5 generations. Remember that there is similar class available FREE online at Family History Lab 261 from BYU. It may not be exactly the same as my class, but it appears to be mostly the same course of study. If you want to learn family history, this class has the introductory basics.

We are also asked to prepare a 4 generation fan chart showing our ancestors. I am in the process of documenting each important event (birth, marriage, children, and death) for each person on these charts and posting stories and photos and other fun details of their lives. Search for them by entering their name in the search box at the top left, or peruse the index pages above.

These charts can be easily prepared on Family Tree in the Family Search website, and may be printed at most local LDS Family History Libraries for free, (check your closest location here).

There is lots of fun stuff there to see and do (be sure to check out all the photos and stories people are adding); tutorials to help understand how to do practically everything (be sure to click on the green circle icons there); and lists of ways to volunteer to help in worldwide projects (such as indexing) that involve multiple countries, languages, and organizations.

There are also helpful, knowledgeable people staffing each local library that will teach you almost everything you need to know about family history. They will guide you through the many options, resources, and tutorials, and sometimes work with you as you research.

Note: Family History Libraries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offer many family history resources at no cost - that's right absolutely FREE (even some that are available commercially).