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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Joseph Arnold Ames
Died:  6 March 1933  Ucon, Bonneville, Idaho
Buried: 9 March 1933  Ucon, Bonneville, Idaho

Approximately 9 miles North East of Idaho Falls on the way to Rexburg, Idaho  is a small rural town named Ucon. Papa's paternal great grandfather, Joseph Arnold Ames was buried there 9 March 1933.

Special thanks to Rebecca Hulet that added this photo to 'Find A Grave' , thereby making it possible for us to see his grave stone without having to incur the expenses or take the time to travel to Idaho and find the grave. And also to Rhonda Durrant for the photo below of the cemetery itself.  Perhaps some day we can visit there.

Joseph Arnold Ames was the second son of 11 children of Clark Carter and Frances Jane (Beaven) Ames, stalwart Mormon pioneers that crossed America and helped settle the West.

He was born 28 July 1857 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We have a few facts on some pedigree charts and family group records but know little of his life. There seems to be an abundance of cousins yet we know none of them.  Maybe it is time to start searching for some living relatives.

Hmmm - what might it take to find a cousin, or a parent's cousin?

Update May 2012: I happened on an image of a short history and a few photos.

Joseph Arnold Ames with his son Hyrum and his son

He was active in civic affairs and religious activity during his life and was much sought after in the community to locate wells and measure hay.  It seems he had a knack for telling where to cut it off for a ton. He had a severe case of small pox and nearly lost his life at one time. The final paragraph of this history states, "In the spring of 1919 he sold his farm and moved to Ucon, Idaho and bought 40 acres of land there. This he farmed until his health was so impaired that he couldn't go on. He died [there]."