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Wednesday, December 5, 2012



When I met David you were twice as old as we were!
We thought that was fairly old!
Now we are older than that.

Last year David told Beckham to beware of cake.
Birthday cake makes you old.

It makes your hair go gray - or white,
or fall out so you are bald!

And your teeth can fall out too!
Everybody knows sugar is bad for teeth.

Birthday cake is very dangerous.

 It can also make your eyes need glasses,
your ears get bigger,
and your nose get longer,
and your toes disappear!

Beckham was at the 'losing and growing teeth' stage.
He loved his Papa-pa's fun joke!
Now he teases back and warns us about cake.

On  a more serious note -
Thanks Dad for your example in so many ways.
You have great moral courage.

You especially model joy in living.
And kindness.

I grew up with your gentle kindness.
It was an example to me of how to be a parent.
Words of disappointment were worse that a spanking.


I well remember when someone new to the family told you that joking sarcasm was not funny. I hadn't seen it her way before. You immediately recognized that truth and began to teach all of us to speak more kindly. We needed that - from her and you - but especially from you. We needed your loving guidance and example.

We will always need it.
I love you dad.
I hope your birthday is wonderful!