• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This morning I needed to print the schedule for "assignments due" in my science class. We have a very nice, and large printer that we enjoy using - so large it lives in the spare room. I use it often and seldom have trouble with it, only occasionally needing to change an ink cartridge.

Accordingly I took the laptop I am using into the spare room, activated the printer from sleep mode, and attempted to print my schedule. After 3 futile tries I was not only frustrated but a bit puzzled.

After the first try I made sure I had selected the correct printer. We have several options. Check! The correct one was selected in the system tray.

I checked for paper. Check!
I checked ink levels. Check!
Doors and drawers closed. Check!

Hmmm . . .

I pushed scan - Check!!
The printer promptly spit out a blank.
Thanks! now how about my schedule?

No chance! Grrr . . . Sigh!

I tried once more, walked away, got a drink,
and returned to an empty tray.

Oh well, I thought, time for a repair - perhaps.

I reached to unplug the printer,
and felt very foolish.

It wasn't plugged into the laptop!
Duh! Double DUH!!
I wasn't connected to the printer.

Printer worked fine - as soon as I plugged into it.
And I have my schedule.
And a red face.

I am left wondering, though, how many times we have glitches or life problems where we haven't followed a simple proscribed procedure - as simple as inserting the printer plug into the laptop and being properly connected.

Prophets guide us about being connected.
Are we plugged in?
Are we connecting?

Here is an example.

Elder Jeffery R. Holland describes 'Living After the Manner of Happiness'. This is a life changing 32 minutes. We are instructed by an apostle of the Lord - not to mention that he quotes 6 famous people about happiness, and Lynn G Robbins who should be famous for his recipe for [family] disaster!

"Put tempers on medium heat, stir in a few choice words, and bring to a boil; continue stirring until thick; cool off; let feelings chill for several days; serve cold; lots of leftovers."

I looked up the quote by Elder Robbins. 
He spoke in April 1998, General Conference.

I am left ashamed that I have ever been guilty in any way, EVER, of what is described in Robbin's 7 1/2 minute talk. 

Yet I have "expected" happiness.
Like my schedule it often eludes me.

As important as words from the likes of  Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa are, how important are God's words?

How important are the scriptures? 

How important are the commandments?

How important are living prophets?

These things are vital!  
And we can plug in anytime we choose.

What do I want?
What is my heart's desire?
What procedure have I overlooked?