• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Thursday, December 13, 2012



Before you were born I was very ill.
Doctors told us I might not live.
Each day I lived was one more day you lived.

There have been many people that help you 'live'.
I am very grateful to each of them.
I am especially grateful to your good wife.
Please say 'thank you' to her for me.

And Benjamin, on the day of the miracle of your birth - your yearly anniversary of  life, I want you to know I am grateful to you too. I am grateful for your example of courage. It has taken great courage to just be alive each day. It has taken additional courage and tenacity to 'live' each day and not wallow in self pity. Thank you for your example in living life without misery.

Some may say you are stubborn. It can seem so, but in reality you are steadfast. Your heart is good and you know how to be steady and determined in making careful choices and then sticking to them. That takes more courage than most of us ever have.

I also admire your courage to serve. I have watched you love and serve your family. This is the most important thing each of us can ever do - to love one another, serve and help one another, and pray for and forgive one another. I have heard you pray in faith. I have seen you forgive. I have watched you serve those around you. You do it well and with good cheer.

Henry B Eyring said, " ... Never, never underestimate the spiritual value of doing temporal things well for those whom you serve. ... Be their servants, and you will love them. And they will feel your love. And more important they will feel God's love." (Ensign, Feb 2004, 13-14)

When we serve others with love we begin to see the good in those we serve, and they begin to see the good in us. In your work and in your callings you serve many people beyond your family. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is our ultimate example of service and love: and a supreme example of great courage and steadfastness.

We love you Benjamin.
We hope you have a wonderful day.
Welcome to being 30 and over.
You have 'arrived'.