• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, November 5, 2010


This summer my son and his family came to stay with us as they experienced some significant changes in their lives.  Naturally that meant some changes for us too.  We took everything out of the office/den that used to be his bedroom and emptied part of another room that seems to always be in a state of chaos because it is where things are made and piled and changed and moved - yes it is also my sewing/craft area.

 UCKY! Where did all that stuff come from?
and where should it go to? - maybe byebye!
*"I will think about that tomorrow," says Scarlett.*

(We had to find somewhere 'safe' to put some of it -
the 'some' that is files and mostly genealogy and family history journals and letters and albums and pictures and - A MESS - I am working on making order and use of it -slowly - but I am picking away at it).

It went to our room -
except for the 3 garbage bags and several bushel boxes that went to the garbage - WHAT?!? What is this doing in here? Why is this in this pile? Why is this kept at all?  4 filing cabinets and 6 bushel boxes/Rubbermaid tubs to look at every night was a BIG change that has changed my priorities and perspectives - again!

Having it 'in my face' every single day made me think about it.

I love history. I especially love family history.
So why have I been wasting my time going to work?
And not doing what I actually prefer to be doing?

Now it is time to change again.
They are gone.
The house feels so empty.
And we miss little Cyndi so much.

After I finished cleaning I sat on the floor in each empty room/place and took a trip through memory lane. If you know me at all you know I only sat down there for a break and to rest up before moving on ....

When my children were at home I read books they read, and listened to music they liked - not exclusively but enough to become aware of things entering their minds and perceptions. I would go to their room every now and again and sit where they often sat or lay down on their bed, look around, and ask myself, "what are they seeing/hearing - or not?" I often was quite surprised (and occasionally even shocked) by what they saw or could hear every day; so much so that I varied the times I went to their 'places' to see and hear and feel some of their perceptions.  I also gained greater love for and understanding of them.

Casey - you should have told me that the sun shone in your eyes at that end of the table - I never sit there - at least not at dinner time! Thank you for simply adjusting the blinds and not complaining. Thanks for all the ways you adjusted and did not expect me to!

Before they came the house felt overwhelmingly full, but of what?

Sometimes, perhaps, we have to empty the 'junk' to allow 'joy' -
in our hearts and homes as well as our houses.