• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


After winter spring always comes.

I am again thinking spring.
I know it is not yet.
Christmas is just past and put away.

There is no evidence either.
No self respecting flower is peeking out in January.
At least not around here.

Days are dim and blue frozen.
But the light is returning.
Each day there is a little bit more light.

After the smaller  'head balls' melt and fall, the bodies start to slide and tip

Snowmen have melted and their heads have fallen off.

I must here give credit to Papa - he knows I love snowmen.
He built these while shoveling the driveway after the last snow.
He had to carry some of the snow from out back to the front.

Mr. Snowman had a gaping hole between his ribs and belt.
It is always interesting to see how much melts, how fast ...

After a murderous bully attack

And this is now the only snow pile for miles around.

I hope the attacking bullies did not injure themselves.
The snow was wet and then froze hard into ice.

Notice the snowball is still intact!

As I peer out at them;
they remind me spring is coming.

I head to the kitchen to remind everyone
to think spring.

Which one would you pick? 
I bake 'melting snowman' cookies.
Who will get the first batch?

They are easy and delicious shortbread.

Just butter and sugar - what's not to like?
Oh - and a sliver of a Starburst for a nose.

Think Spring!


The snowman are disappearing fast!