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Monday, September 27, 2010


I hate pears -

Well - no - that is so untrue -

They are delicious and I love them -

sort of ...

I never can be definitive on things like this.
Things like what is my favorite __________?

GOOD GRIEF! Do people really have favorites?

Doesn't that get a little boring? I love blue but please don't inflict it on me everywhere! And which blue? Except when I love red, pink - no yellow - wait - what about green,  but my bedroom is periwinkle - and orange is an age in and of itself ...

Pears are like that.

Each pear is its own category.  I prefer Bartletts, ripened just so, not grainy (uggh the skins!) but so good to eat in hand - except that stringy part near the core - and dried they are heavenly.

Canning them is the same.

 They must be peeled smoothly

(  This year my son's wife, Casey, was here to help out -she's fast! )

- and cored,

firm and white.

We like a light syrup - only 1 cup of sugar to about 4 of water - and yes always a hot syrup to start them off with.

It's such a process.

Just call me picky.

My husband knows

- he helps every time.

(he's fast and strong)

And since Casey was here, and she hasn't participated in canning before,

we demonstrate a jar of grapes and a jar of tomatoes.

But that's not the pears fault!

And you do have to admit they always look so satisfying all washed clean and lined up on the shelves.

I think I'm in love ...