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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Spring has sprung, the grass is riz ...
I wonder where 'dem Ames' is ...

If you drive by you will see 'dem out in the yard. It is that time of year. Saving daylight in the morning means there is some to use after work for more work - especially outside.

April is a fun month; so many flowers; so many gardening possibilities and chores, so many special dates - and so little time for everything!  We love General Conference and of special note is Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays. In Canada Good Friday is a holiday with no work or school. It often occurs in April. We usually spend that day enjoying Easter traditions.

William David Campbell with Nena 1986
April 17 is a day of many dates! My daughter, Nena, was born on the same day as my maternal grandfather, William David Campbell. We often drove the hour from our home to his to visit with Grandma and Grandpa on or near that special date, although we could not afford the trip very often.
Happy Birthday Nena.

Grandpa was 79 years old the day Nena was born. My mother wanted to be at her dad's birthday party with all her siblings.  She also wanted to be with us. I had been on complete bed rest for several months during this high risk pregnancy and Mom cared for me and my other 3 children. We were living with her at that time. Carrying this baby to term was a determined choice of doctors, myself and many other helpers. There were no ultrasounds to tattle gender - we did not know if a boy or a girl was coming.

My oldest son hoped for a little brother or boy cousin to play with. Five cousins were expected that spring. Imagine his disappointment when 6 girls arrived within a few weeks. "One of them could have been a boy!" he wept. He literally dropped his face into his hands and cried real tears but he loved and doted on his baby sister, and all those cousins, as much as anyone ever did.

I was in labor when Mom's sisters came to the hospital to 'pick her up'. She decided to stay despite much urging (labor might last all day and I clearly was not very uncomfortable yet). They finally left and in less than half an hour Mother saw Nena born. It was the first baby she had ever watched born. She always felt a special attachment to Nena because of that. After Nena's safe arrival I shooed her away to the party. She arrived there in time for the special dinner with all her family AND the gift to her father of the wonder of a new little great granddaughter having arrived on his birthday and doing well. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Our April visits always provided tours of his shops, flowers, and collections. Seeing all the paintings, antiques, interesting woodwork and diamond willow, bottle, rock and coin collections took most of an afternoon or morning.  The rest of the day Great Grandma would show us her wonderful handwork, dolls and quilts.

April 17th also hosts several other important events.  My Grandpa Campbell was born on the first wedding anniversary of his parents, William Warren Campbell and Phoebe Alice Tolman.  April 17th is also the day my paternal grandfather, Neil Snow Forsyth, died. He was 98 years of age.

These significant events are separated by many years and each will be written about individually in the near future. There is no way you or I would either enjoy spending all day blogging - composing or reading.

Besides I managed to plant a few peas today. That is another favorite event that often occurs in April - my mouth waters just thinking about fresh peas and the sooner I plant them the sooner I can eat them. AND it might rain tomorrow or later in the week - April showers etc - you know? I want seeds in the ground before more showers.

Other special dates in April include the birthdays of two son-in-laws, a brother, several nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, in-laws and David's maternal Grandfather [Clarence Charles Shelton April 7, 1888] and Great Grandmother [Frances Alois Huckins April 22, 1875].

The latter two will also be written about individually but with less priority than peas, peonies and other plants. I need to 'make hay while the sun shines' among other things!

It seems no April has enough hours or days - especially if there are showers. Perhaps some histories will have to wait a bit.  How do you decide priorities? What special events or chores and opportunities does April bring for you?