• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, December 27, 2010


I received few tangible gifts this Christmas.

We had no little children here.
We had to make our own excitement,
 our own 'Christmas'.

We almost, really, didn't.

We put off the budget.
We traveled and enjoyed other's festivities.
We looked at a few things in stores but bought nothing.

Belatedly we realized we would arrive home very late on the 24th and that food in the house was only what was in storage - no Christmas treats or traditional foods - only a frozen turkey in the freezer. And not only were we out of fresh vegetables, including potatoes, but when the stores closed they would not be opening again until Sunday and we do not shop or buy on the Sabbath so that meant Monday for us.

We arrived at a grocery store in a town 2 hours still to home - it was closed already, we drove on and with 10 minutes until closing we found an open grocery store. With no budget, shopping list, or menu plan - YIKES!!! we grabbed a loaf of bread, a bag of potatoes, a bag of oranges and a few other such items we know we regularly get on shopping trips.  That would have to do. I also did not have the calendar in front of me to say that missionaries would be coming over for dinner Sunday evening.

Now that is not a gift! or a great way to do Christmas. We cooked that frozen turkey, invited some friends over who thoughtfully and generously provided lovely home baked rolls and canned cranberry sauce, and I made a couple of pies for dessert - yes, from scratch but I still would rather buy Marie Calendar's pre-made crusts. We still have lots of apples and some berries from harvest. Thankfully loved ones dropped off some home baked goodies and a nice spread, that looked wonderful, took shape.

We have so much.  We hardly missed the frenzy of shopping and stressful preparation. We mostly celebrated with the things we already had.  We are so blessed.

And I did receive on special prompting.  I wished for something to top off the pie and suddenly remembered that a local drugstore (with a small food section) is open on Christmas Eve.  We made the trek and got some frivolous things like whipped cream, candy and chips for the festivities.    Moroni chapter 10 verse 5 teaches that by the Holy Ghost we may know the truth of all things. I know that idea just popped up when needed.  I know I was inspired to remember that.

That is the best gift I got this Christmas.
A gift of having 'remembrances' brought to mind.

I was tempted just a tiny bit to wish for things bought at a store. But then I remembered Christmas is a little bit more. My daughter and grandchildren had been reading the Grinch story and know what? - Christmas CAN come without "... ribbons, ... packages and tags. It can come without boxes [or candy] or bags ...".

The Holy Ghost can bring to our remembrance the thing that matters most - the truth of the good news, the gospel, that angels sang that sacred day - Jesus Christ, the very son of God, was born - and he will return again to earth. Because of him and by him and through him ALL God's children here on the earth will merit a kingdom of glory greater and more wonderful than we can now imagine.  Because of him and through him and by him there is HOPE for each and every single one - even a Mr. Grinch and a Mrs. Scrooge! [and you will have to find your own link to Scrooge - there are so many endless sources I am sure you can find one readily].

There are somethings that I know with certainty.  I look forward to that day when our Savior, Jesus Christ, will return to rule and reign on earth.  I cherish the hope to bow to him then and worship him face to face.