• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Columbia River Washington LDS Temple 

Papa and I work at the temple on Saturdays.
We get to do many things to help many people.
We are very busy and come home tired but it can be fun too.

Temple workers are always available to help individuals and families that come to the temple. Yesterday a family had two adopted children sealed into their family. I was able to be with these young children and an aunt while they waited in the vestibule for their parents.

Yesterday was a very busy day. It seemed like every room and hallway were full of people quietly coming and going. As patrons came to the doors, many with full hands, I opened the door for each one and helped to ensure it closed quietly behind them.

The young girl, about age 4, watched the process repeatedly and then finally asked me, "Why do you open the door for them?"

I told her that it is because they are so special and important.  God is our Father in Heaven. He is a king and we are his children. Every person is his son or daughter. That means they can be a king or a queen like their Heavenly Father.

I think it would be a privilege to help a king or a queen or their children. Some of the closest companions of kings and queens, princes and princesses are their servants.

As a king or a queen would you allow servants to open doors for you, especially when your hands are otherwise occupied? And would you say thank you to them?

I asked her if she knew she is a princess.  She wasn't impressed.  I think this little prima donna already KNOWS she is pretty central and important as the youngest and newest of 10 siblings.

Do you think she understands she is a child of an eternal being?
Do you know God is your father?
Do you know you are special and important?