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Thursday, February 16, 2012


My husband's grandmother, Sarah Isabelle Shelton nee McNicholl died on 16 February 1955.

Death Certificate states Sarah died in Wenatchee, WA

My husband was a couple months old. His mother told him that he met her mother coming as she was going. I think it might have been very difficult to have my mother die when I had a new and nursing baby.

page from history of Clarence and Sarah (McNicholl) Shelton

We have a history a cousin, Patricia Shelton Erdmann, kindly compiled from memories written by Sarah's children, and the Bennett's - children of Sarah's sister. Sarah helped to raise the children and care for them after their mother, Lenora Bennett,  died 27 June 1927.

It helps us know many things about her life and character. What a marvelous thing for her children to have preserved for their children and grandchildren.

Program cover
Memorial Service program for Sarah Isabelle Shelton (McNicholl) 

She is buried in a Evergreen Memorial Park cemetery in East Wenatchee, Douglas County, Washington.