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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Snowflake on my windbreaker (slick nylon fabric magnified)

You've had a birthday, shout HOORAY!!

Six years old. That is amazing!
I remember coming to your house when you were born.

It was very snowy and wonderfully cold.
Tiny snowflakes were floating in the air like dust.

On very cold days tiny snow can look like glitter in the air.

Snowflakes are amazing. They are very, very tiny.

snowflake beside my jacket zipper
Did you ever see a real snowflake?
All by itself?

They often have six main points.

To see snowflakes everything has to be just right.

this picture is magnified from the picture below (showing a camera)

You have to have good eyes, and look very carefully.

snowflake on our car

Sometimes pictures can help us see tiny things too.

look at the picture above to see the two snowflakes here magnified

One day, when I could see snowflakes everywhere, I ran into my house and got a camera.

 I forgot I was going shopping.  Uncle Clarence and I took pictures of snowflakes.  THAT was more fun!

It snowed so much that the snowflakes slid into piles everywhere.

You know what piles of snowflakes make - snowdrifts.

Soon I could not see each little snowflake - they were all getting stuck together into bigger and bigger snowflakes and piles.

I can still look at all my pictures of little snowflakes and see each one of them.

I can look at my pictures of piles of snowflakes that look like something soft and fluffy.

Sometimes I even look at pictures of snowdrifts.

I have piles of grandchildren.
I like to look at their pictures.

I love to see each one.

This picture makes me think of a mommy with a tiny baby.

Lots of love
Grandma FarFarAway