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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Signs are posted in multiple languages - 
all announcements are in French and English

We visited Canada last week.

We flew 'Air Canada' Jazz/Express. 
The planes have a large maple leaf on the tail.
There are several styles and colors.
Some are red, some orange, some green. 
We flew on a red and a green. 
Much better than driving 27 hours north. 
Special thanks to our daughter for sharing her air miles!

We had the privilege of hearing 'O Canada' sung by Chris Baumeister at our granddaughter's high school graduation ceremony. He has a superb voice and is bilingual English/French.  He was also graduating. He sang parts of the anthem in both languages. Congratulations to all the grads and especially to Erin. 

Canada is unique in many ways. 
It is always a pleasure to visit.

Mountie and me 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police escorted graduates attending prom into the hotel used for the party. It is easier to screen out alcohol, drugs and weapons that way. I love RCMP formal 'dress' uniforms. I requested a picture with one of the officers flanking the entrance. (My daughter was one of the super mom's that helped arrange Prom, decorate and supervise (with her husband).  

On our way home we happened upon another fun RCMP officer in the Vancouver airport. A kind 'Canadian' offered to take a picture of us together. 

Surprisingly similar ... carved, painted Mountie figure

Happy Canada Day to my native land. 
Set off lots of fireworks for us this week.
We got to sing the anthem but now we are 'home'. 
You will have to celebrate without us!