• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, October 12, 2012


If I walk across your flower bed and do not crush any flowers you may notice a foot print but not be too concerned. If I make a habit of it, sooner or later I will cause some damage. Soon your flowers will fail to grow as a path forms.

If I walk across your lawn you will never know, unless you see me. If I do it every day soon you WILL notice because a compacted area of shorter grass begins to show a path. If all my friends also cut through your yard the path will become a trail. Everyone going by will assume it is OK to use that trail and drive their carts and buggies along it and ride their bikes and skateboards on it.

Soon your yard is a rutted muddy mess strewn with the debris that is discarded by passersby. Even if you pick up the debris every day sooner or later bits of food, partially empty drink containers, and other undesirable things attract animals. They will defecate and urinate and mark their territory on every bit of landscape you have. This attracts more animals and I don't think the scent is ever fully eradicated ever again. Now your yard will be a neighborhood pet toilet and dumping ground.

If you put up fences trespassers will break and bend them so they can continue to travel as usual. If you post signs, report the trespassers and call animal control you will become a target for threats, vandalism, theft, and graffiti: random paints and permanent markers are not easily removed or disguised. Trespassers will knock on you windows and house in the night and throw eggs at it. You will get some of those things even if you don't make any waves, just because of the sheer number of random individuals using the path that you so kindly provide.

Good luck changing any of those problems. You can buy pet repellents  You pay for a higher stronger fence. You can till and toil but it will be a constant losing and costly battle. Maybe you will have to move. That will cost you a lot of money and inconvenience too. And where will you move to? Is there somewhere civil where rude and selfish, self centered people and their pets are banned?

Wait ... I am not talking about your yard after all.
I am talking about mine.
That is where the path is.
That is where the debris is.
It is the neighborhood pet toilet.
It is me that wants to move!

Not really. I like my little house.
I like my location.
Maybe I need a dog.

Maybe I need a big dog.
A GIANT scary protective dog.
If I have to clean up it might as well be of my own choice.