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Saturday, December 31, 2011


A grandson was baptized today.

We traveled six hours to see this marvelous thing.
His father bears priesthood authority to perform such ordinances.

His father was ordained by the 'laying on of hands' by his father who was ordained the same way by his father back several generations. That great grandfather was likewise ordained by the laying on of hands giving him proper priesthood authority. He was ordained by an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. His priesthood authority can be directly traced to the restoration of Priesthood authority on 15 May 1829.

There were several 8 year old children baptized.  Dressed in white they were completely immersed under water and raised again. Symbolically they were 'raised' to new life with Christ as one of his disciples.  At age 8 they are mentally and physically ready to make covenants and commitments of this serious kind. They are capable of making choices and acting upon those choices.

There were several musical numbers at the baptism.
One was done by several children.

One of the girls that was baptized was joined by siblings and cousins, both older and younger, to sing "I Am A Child of God". They sang one verse. The older children were clearly not very comfortable performing a musical number. As the pianist (another sibling or cousin) finished the intro and began to play for them I was not sure, honestly, if any one was singing. I looked carefully. Some mouths were moving but I had to strain to hear anything.

Suddenly, from the far right, came a very young child - perhaps four-ish. She had been too shy at first to join the other kids in front of the congregation but with coaching and encouragement there she was - running past the podium and pushing her way to the front. She began singing as she came.

Her young voice was clear and distinct.
As the second line began she stood with the group.
The child on each side of her joined their voices with her.

The pre-teens and teens began to do more than lip-sync. Their voices, although quiet, now provided back up for the youngest. By the last line of the song all were singing - and it is a short song.

A phrase from Isaiah 11: 6 came into my mind ... "and a little child shall lead them". I love Isaiah. He describes a time of peace and happiness wherein a child can be perfectly safe and shall be able to lead all creatures in that peace.

Jesus taught that "except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

In May 1996, Neil A Maxwell, taught:
Children often have the “thoughts and [the] intents of [their] hearts” focused on the Master. Though not full of years, such children are full of faith! Too young for formal Church callings, they have been “called to serve” as exemplifiers,  ...-

Just as the scriptures assure, “little children do have words given unto them many times” (Alma 32:23). For example, the resurrected Jesus revealed things to the Nephite children, who then taught adults and their parents “even greater” things than Jesus had taught (3 Ne. 26:14).
This child was a powerful example to me.

I need to step forward, not hang back.
I need to make my voice heard.
I need sing, and say, praise to God.

My grandchildren, and their friends, coach me and encourage me.
How can I become more like them?