• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, December 6, 2010


Christmas lights went up just in a nick of time.

The very weekend before winter blew in with a vengeance

David spent most of his free time that Saturday making connections work, checking bulbs, and climbing the ladder. We don't put many up - we try to keep it simple - but I love the lights.

I hope David knows how much it means to me to see them every single morning and evening - every time we leave the house or come home my heart does that little lurch flip that precedes a giggle. It's one of the best gifts I get each year they're up!

They make me smile.

Did I mention I love Christmas lights?

I prefer old fashioned multicolored lights.

Especially when they are neat and even. Even when one bulb quits I still love them anyway. (And why is it always the one nearest the peak and just out of reach of the tallest ladder? the one you have to get on the roof to change? errhhgggg!!)

I am a little disappointed about that light that is not shining. I wish it were. I wish I could fix it (not enough to jeopardize life or limb, however).

It's only one but I feel a twinge of sadness to see the dark empty spot
in the shining row of color.
It feels like when someone I love is gone.
The lyrics to a childhood song with a catchy melody sings about "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine..."

I notice things you do to light my world. There are so many that do so much - I can't begin to express how I feel. All your lights - all shining for me - thanks! You're all so beautiful!

Each of us has a marvelous amount to contribute to the world around us. When I feel like I am only one light that doesn't matter and that no one will notice if my light goes out, I think of that small dark spot along my roof where a light could be shining. Most passers-by don't notice but I see it every day.

What if someone sees me (when my light is out)?

I am sure I could do something every day to make light,

I hope I can.
I try to.

Blue lights are my favorites.
(I hope I shine blue.)