• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Went for a short trip on Monday.
At lunch stopped at a grocery store deli for lunch.
We love the inexpensive Chinese food we get there.
(That day it wasn't great though.)

There were about 12 tables.
Lots of space for us and the 'no other persons' around.

We choose to sit at the middle of 3 small tables on one end -
 nope wait there were 4 - I can see that in the pictures I captured on my cell phone - taking pictures is such a great 'vent'.  A padded bench ran along the wall. It is much easier for me to sit on than a wooden chair.

We began to eat, realized we forgot a drink, and my husband went to get one. While he was gone an obvious grandma (anyone anywhere near my age most likely is a grandmother)  with 2 school age children arrived.  They stood looking over the ample space and choose to crowd into the corner tables beside me. I edged over enough one way to make room for both children to fit into the corner and eyed an empty table several away - I could not carry both our lunches so I waited for David to return.

I could see David at the till when a young man arrived and sat down on my other side. I was incredulous. I felt like a sardine.  Am I just paranoid and anti-social? Am I famous? NO to both questions but please help me understand why anyone would sit so tightly together.  Have they never heard of bubble space? Suddenly 'shrinking planet' seemed very real.

When David returned we moved several tables away and ate our lunch. At least now it didn't seem like we were at a family style dinner with strangers talking and eavesdropping. Grandma immediately commandeered the space we vacated - a chair for her purse and the table for bags and garbage. An employee attempted to move her cart from the aisle.  She loudly claimed it and insisted it stay.  At least we were not seated between her and the cart anymore but the young man was beside it.

No one else came while we were there.  Grandma and family ate with typical family antics, finished like hungry dogs at supper time and as she left, she flashed me a huge smile as if to say she was the nicest grandma in town and I should applaud!  I exerted my best self control and acknowledged her huge friendliness with a blink and slight nod - very slight! (NOTE: I did not scowl or make rude gestures.)

The young man talked/texted continuously. An older woman, a mother or likely a younger looking grandmother, briefly stopped to give him some instructions or some such thing (by his expression and body language) on her way out of the store with a cart of groceries and then later, just before we finished a young lady came to meet him and they left together - holding hands. (So glad I hadn't been able to eavesdrop on him.)

I suppose he really NEEDED to be able to watch the door she might arrive through - except mostly he just looked at his phone.  He certainly was not watching for the woman - she came from behind him and he was startled when she got his attention.  Perhaps he had a viable or at least understandable reason to park where he did. And I suppose he really might have needed his back to the wall - most young men feel most comfortable against a sturdy wall - lol.

Help me here, please - I just want to understand - WHY??
Why did they all feel the need to sit so closely packed together?
Why did WE all choose to sit on that wall?
We could have had the same view one table over.
There were 4 or 5 tables arranged along the other wall.
Understanding.  That is all I am still thinking about.

just before we leave - still empty except our bag and drinks
On second thought - I don't want to know.  Really.  Because then I would have to want to know why Grandma deliberately left behind 2 packages of ketchup on a table when they left.  I kid you not - she gathered up all their wrappers and then placed the ketchup back on the table.

Would you use ketchup left on a table in a deli?
Please don't answer - I DON'T want to know!