• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Lucky 13.

I have always loved the number 13.

Thirteen people usually ate meals at our house - Dad, Mom and 11 kids. Our table was really big but our kitchen was not. There was barely room to squeeze through during meals. The two boys that were 'lefties' had to sit on specific corners so that they didn't elbow their brothers and sisters.

A 'baker's dozen' is 13 instead of 12. That is very convenient when you have thirteen people in your family. Long, long ago there were laws that said how much bread and other baked goods needed to weigh. Breaking the law had very harsh penalties. Some people think that baker's always gave 13 instead of 12 to make sure they did not break the law.

My grandfather, Neil Snow Forsyth, was known for his honesty. In his store when he needed to measure things that were sold by weight he had a rule to never take out any of what was put in.  He would measure the flour or sugar to nearly the right amount and then put in a little more. There was always an extra piece of candy put in the bag purchased. Everyone knew they got a good deal at his store because they saw the scale tip in their favor.

I was taught to always give just a little bit more than asked for.
Do more, give more, love more and forgive more.
At least a little bit, and sometimes even a lot more.

I think that is a good family secret. I think it gives me a bit more satisfaction, more happiness, and a little more peace of mind.

I hope you have a birthday that is more fun than any you have ever had. After all - thirteen is a little more.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY soon. Love Grandma and Papa