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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Nick has been away serving in the military.  His family thought he would not be home until the 23rd.  His wife's birthday was on the 21st.  He called friends to let them know he was going to make it early - could they help him surprise her??

A girlfriend took her to lunch.
Her hubby picked him up at the airport.
A cake was baked and decorated,
chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting.

The kids saw dad first - what excitement!
To surprise mom, the youngest (age 5)wanted to hide in a closet.
And then sneak up behind her.
It was a small full closet.
Like all wise dads he agreed with the child.
Her friend (age 4) and her and daddy went in the closet
with the door partly open.

mommy coming in with homeowner behind

When mommy arrived the door was still partly open -
those coming in tried to push it shut -
repeatedly! The homeowner being most pushy -
she hates that door that doesn't latch properly...

coming out - mommy still unaware

and she knew he was in the house, just not in the closet.

What a wonderful birthday surprise.

The children were overjoyed.

This Dad is home for Christmas, this year!

Family togetherness - that is such a terrific gift!!