• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I ask a lot of questions:

always have.


Because I do want to know.

I don't do it to bug people
or to give them advice.

I ask because I would like to understand.

If you don't know I don't expect you to -
I might even be just thinking outloud.

If I expect you to know there are reasons why -
Do you want me to explain why I think so?
I am sure I would ask more questions as I tried.

Can you wait while I search for answers?
Can we search and find together?

Will you share my life of looking?
never stopping ...

I am amazed at the questions people never ask. They not only seem to not want to know but also seem to avoid enlightenment.  I think all our lives would be easier if we ask good questions and find appropriate answers. Being able to think and reason is such a tremendous gift!

To know me is to be asked. I remember asking my mom and my dad and my siblings questions lots.  I think they asked me a lot of questions too.  Every family has their 'culture'.  I think that might be ours. Ask ...

I considered naming this blog 'Qwestions' but decided I might not ask a question (or even cause you to ask one) every time I write a post.  'Time In A 'Blogtelle' expresses and documents some of my answers (as well questions) for me if not for you.

My husband thinks I ask him questions to pick on him.
Honey - I just want to know ...
I think he feels picked on because he wishes he knew everything.

He is a smart man but we have learned that (so far) he can't answer all the questions that can be asked. I should apologize to him.

David I'm sorry.
I don't mean to make you squirm.
Just so you know, I wince if I know you do.
Do you know I didn't mean to?

Do you all know that?

See, there I am doing it again!
It is like a reflex.