• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, August 25, 2017


Monday, 21 August 2017

The day was warmish and sunny with clear skies here in central Washington.

In the early afternoon we saw part of the much talked about eclipse of the sun, and indeed, as explained on the internet, we did see crescent shaped shadows.

Shadow of a hanging plant showing crescents on concrete step.

David pointed out the lacy shadows on the porch from our hanging pots, and we snapped a few photos. Then, remembering I had heard to look under trees, I moved an outdoor table under a tree and to show the same crescents in the dappled shade.

Crescents in shade of a tree on an outdoor table.

All that was fun, but not what I remember most.

As the sky dimmed, quite a bit, surprisingly,
   a sudden chill permeated the air.

My husband said, "I almost want my jacket."

Of course it didn't last long, and in a few minutes the sun seemed hotter than before the eclipse, and for the rest of the day the air seemed generally much hotter, although by temperature measurements it really wasn't significantly different. (Strangely, to me it has seemed oddly 'hotter' all week.)

The thing I will always remember is the chill.

We know the sun provides light, heat, and energy, yet day in and day out we largely ignore it and take it for granted. It is simply there and we expect it to be there, and continue to be there, providing for our needs.

I pondered this attitude of entitlement.
I wondered, what else do I take for granted?
And I thought of all the people in my life.

I thought of strangers, and acquaintances,
   and especially of family.

I thought of my siblings, my parents,
   and my children — all my posterity.

Too often I neglect to be grateful for their presence on the planet.

Too often I neglect to be grateful and interested in the world and things around me, all the people, all the animals, all the plants, and all the ecosystems. What wonders I ignore — perhaps even,  far too often — the creators of Heaven and Earth.

God is real, and he loves his children — you and I!
It is as simple and sure as the sun rising and setting.
And as the seasons passing.

What else do I take for granted?

I particularly considered my spouse.
I think I take him for granted every day.

That is my eclipse take away.

I am grateful for all the things my spouse does.

The more I considered what he does the more I realized how much I take him for granted.  Yet I am very grateful for my spouse, for who he is, and what he is. . . for what he does, and even for what he doesn't do.

I'll climb down off my soap box now, but just think ...

What do you take for granted — like the sun?