• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Sunday, July 15, 2012


You have lived one year.

I remember when your dad had his first birthday.
We celebrated - we were so glad he was still alive.
He was VERY sick when he was a baby.

Daddy is the 2 month old baby with siblings and cousins February 1983

Every day he lived was another day of gratitude.
Every day he survived was a day of joy.

It still is.
We love him.
We want him to be well and happy.

Spring 1983 with cousin Faline and Papa

We love you too.
You are too little to read this letter now.
Someday you will be able to read.

You are learning to do many things.
We remember when your father learned how to climb.
There was no stopping him!
He did it over and over and over.

Grandpa would nap while your daddy and his cousin, Faline, practiced climbing
over him – around and around on a typical Sunday afternoon, spring 1983

It is very fun to watch you walk.
And hear you try to talk.
Someday you will know such joy.
Right now you do not understand such things.

We hope you will learn all good things.
We hope you learn every needful thing for happiness.
We hope someday you will understand.
We don't know what you will learn or when.
We want you to know now and always, that we love you.

We hope you bring joy to everyone around you.
We hope you have life and joy.

Daddy and Uncle Clarence with their Grandpa Forsyth
We love to watch you grow and learn.
Love Papa and Grandma Ames