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Thursday, February 23, 2012


February is known as a time for 'romance'.

Recently my Aunt Ruth Horne sent me what I think is a very romantic news article. It is also a special tribute to our ancestors. She said the news came from Paul B Skouson's second book 'More Amazing Mormon World Records'.  The children of my grandparent's set the record for the most siblings to see Golden Wedding Anniversaries.

I have a snapshot of the couples taken in 1994 at the Seattle Temple. They attended a session together as part of a celebration of the 80th birthday of the eldest living brother.  Do you happen to have a copy that is more clear?

I quote from the news article dated May 2011:
" The Neil and Chloe Forsyth family have set a remarkable record in LDS living. All 8 of our Great grandparents lived in Nauvoo in the 1840's. Our parents and grandparents on the Forsyth line all celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries. All seven of Neil's [living] children celebrated 50th wedding anniversaries. This year (2011) 3 of them will have celebrated their 65th."

George James and Sarah Sophronia (Snow) Forsyth [my father's grandparents] were married 31 Oct 1870 in Pine Valley, Washington, Utah. He was 26 and she was 18. They celebrated 57 anniversaries. They died within a month of each other in February and March 1927. My father was born that year.

Neil Snow and Chloe Roseltha (Hatch) Forsyth [my father's parents] were married 20 Dec 1911 in Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah. He was 32 and she was 25. They celebrated 51 anniversaries. She died at age 76 in 1962 just prior to their 52nd anniversary.

The oldest son of Neil and Chloe, Rex, gave his life in World War II.
His wife Ruth [Chic] made the ultimate sacrifice.
Her husband died fighting for our freedoms.

Thomas Rex and  Ruth Elizabeth (Campbell) Forsyth were married 9 May 1941 at Magrath, Alberta, Canada. He died at age 32 just before their 3 anniversary.

Neil Scott and Gladys Boyce (Butler) Forsyth were married 14 Decemeber 1939. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1989.

George Kenneth and June Hartley (Hinman) Forsyth were married 12 May 1943. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1993, a 60th in 2003 and their 65th in 2008.

Mylo Wilfred and Matilda (Maier) Forsyth were married 12 July 1946. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1996, a 60th in 2006 and their 65th in 2011.

Duane H and Verna (Neilson) Forsyth were married 3 April 1945. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1995.

Robert [Bob] Martin and Ruth (Forsyth) Horne were married 27 December 1945.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1995, a 60th in 2005 and their 65th in 2010.

Garth Dean and Elna Jean (Campbell) Forsyth were married 14 October 1948. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1998, a 60th in 2008.

Byrce H and June Doreen (Volk) Forsyth were married 23 Feb 1955. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2005.

My mother's parents, William [Bill] David and Elna (Bohne) Campbell, were married 22 Dec 1926 in the Cardston, Alberta temple. He was 25 and she was nearing 18. They celebrated 63 anniversaries. He died at age 89 in 1990.

That is impressive - and romantic.
My parent's have been married 64 years this year.
They are an example to all of us.

The longest know marriage was an astounding 91 years. He was 12 and she was 14 when they were married. The longest marriage on record today is 87 years. The couple live in the United Kingdom. In New Mexico in the United States a living couple has been married for 83 years.

If you want to have a record breaking length of marriage you may need to live a LONG time. These people have all lived amazingly long lives.

There are some amazing World records for families having the most with the longest marriages.  I found such a record on a random blog when I was searching for some other links.  This family (non LDS) have a large family with 10 of their siblings all celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversaries.

Although many of my ancestors did not live long lives, all stayed married to their spouses. That is a decision. That is work, and tenacity, and determination, and love - love for each other, love for their posterity and love for God and His commandments.