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Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have spent the weekend with several grandchildren.
We made turkeys - lots of turkeys!

My daughter suggested I do a post.  I don't have completely detailed pictures but some of you may have fun with these. And here is a link for some from a different year.

Krispie Rice Turkeys

First visit your local grocer or department store for krispie rice cereal,  butter and mini marshmallows that you need to usually make squares, sandwich cookies (I prefer chocolate for the contrast), some Candy Corn, and a container of icing (you can make your own or be lazy like me and use ready made).

[And you may want some pretty and disposable plates and Zip closure bags that they fit in for deliveries].

Note: Watch for Candy Corn in individual bags near Halloween.  One bag, per person, per turkey when large groups or classes make these is very handy.

Find a largish bowl that can be microwaved (the lazy way) or a large kettle that will hold at least 8 cups (bigger is better). I tried it both ways. On the stove top the treats set harder and in the microwave they stay more soft and malable.

It also depends on the brands you are using.  The marshmallow brand at one store, that has 'great values', made treats that were way too soft and sticky. If you encounter this problem let the mix cool more before handling. [Aside: and their icing sugar tastes like it is mostly starch!]

 Note: Most mini marshmallows have 6 cups to a bag - this store's brand does NOT!

I use:
1/4 cup butter
6 cups of mini marshmallows
6-8 cups krispie rice cereal
vanilla to taste (about 1/2 tsp)

I measure the cereal very precisely [ NOT] and dump it into a very large bowl,

Put the butter in
 large cup/bowl

(real butter makes real taste!)

and zap it just long enough to make it liquid.

Then pour in about 2/3 of the marshmallows (whatever fits in with extra room to mix)

and stir a little bit to coat with butter.

Next microwave the marshmallows approximately 30 seconds (will depend on your power settings - I use high)

until they soften and then add the rest of the marshmallows and zap them again until they are puffing and ready  to beat.

I then add the vanilla

and beat it in until smooth and uniform in texture.

Add the marshmallow mix to the cereal and stir until cereal is coated evenly.

Let cool slightly.

I put a small amount of butter on my palms, and using a large spoon to scoop out the mix, make balls about 1 - 1/2" to 2" in diameter.

These are your turkey tummies.

not cool enough to shape easily

Cooling helps the shapes hold together better -otherwise the mix tends to stick to your hands not itself - the butter just melts.

Split sandwich cookies in half and if icing is not sticking onto the cookie remove it. If it is not firmly adhering to the cookie it will cause trouble later - the tail falls off or the tummy rolls off the base.

I discard it but kids and husbands that are hanging around may enjoy eating it.
Spread inside of both cookie pieces with frosting.

Place ball firmly in center of one cookie. Some cookie brands are quite fragile and break easily.

To avoid breakage always lay the cookie on a flat surface when presssing the turkey tummies into place. They are now in an L or chair (without legs) shape.

Place one Candy Corn, pointed tip down, at top center of cookie between tummy and cookie(chair back) but extending slightly above cookie edge.

These are the tail feathers.

 Add an additional piece on either side, (making three) and another one on both sides, making 5 all together.

If you run short of Candy Corn (as I always seem to do) use only 4 evenly spaced.  Pieces of Candy Corn that come in the package broken can readily be used for feather 4 and 5. If needed dip Candy Corn into icing to help secure it into place.

Sometimes I also find I need to gently encourage better shape by giving some pats and a squeeze here and there.

BE ADVISED: this is often when cookies break.

Last but not least select a very nice Candy Corn for the turkey's beak and head.  Use frosting to 'glue' it to the front of the 'turkey tummy'. Keep it fairly low to the base and if desired tilt slightly to create attitude.

Most of all, have fun and let the kids lick their fingers and generally do it themselves.

I personally prefer keeping a wet cloth handy for the inevitable sticky fingers.

You are sure to also get the creative child that wants wings - look at this marvelous creation!
 He made one chocolate and one vanilla.

 If you want uniform, sanitary, picture perfect turkeys for table place settings or neighbor gifts make them when you have time to relax, or keep separate trays and don't stress out the kids.

 I let the kids eat their own - it is my rule!