• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


What is your favorite ___________?

Pick something to fill in the blank with - scripture? food? color? hobby? friend? team? pastime? car? toy? shoes? pants? subject at school? book? music? movie? sport? holiday? season?

I have never been able to answer such a question.

Today is my favorite grandson's birthday - except when it is someone else's birthday - then I love them and their birthday as my favorite that day.

I really miss you Beckham!

Do you remember jumping on the trampoline?

counting rocks?

or taking Super Duck to the playground with your brothers?

I love blue - except when I love red, or pink, or orange or yellow - it depends if it is my eyes or a flower, my shirt or my blanket. It also depends on where I am at.  I love white in the temple and I love green in my garden.

I love pizza - except when I love salad or peas, peaches, blueberries, and spaghetti, hamburgers or Chinese Food. And I really love a ham dinner - except when I love roasted chicken or beef with mashed potatoes ... but then fish is so good ...

I love Isaiah - except when I am reading Alma chapter 7, 2 Nephi, Jacob, Matthew or D&C 88 ... and more ...

I love sports. All of them. I am terrible at them but I love them. The amazing things people can do with their bodies astonishes me and makes me feel happy to see and to try - even if I can't do things that are amazing.

I love embroidery - except when I crochet, knit, sew, make beaded necklaces, set up Christmas, bake bread, plant seeds in the garden or build something like a fire pit!

January 2010 remembering his hard work

So much to do. So much to learn.

I love music - and I love to dance - except when I love reading or writing stories, or learning something new -like another language or how to do math - maybe someday I will learn how to do math ...

I love Christmas - except when I love collecting colorful leaves, smelling hyacinths, walking in the rain, making Valentines or celebrating birthdays.

I do love snowmen - I don't think there are any exceptions there.
I just love snowmen.

fall 2008  
Do you remember your snowmen Beckham?


And I love letters - except when I am emailing, blogging, or talking to you on the phone or Skype or visiting you.

Be sure to write and tell me about your favorites.