• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Little purple pansies touched with yellow gold,
 growing in the corner of the garden old,
we are very tiny but must try, try, try -
just one spot to gladden you and I!

I love pansies.

I learned the ditty above in Primary when I was a child.  Children still learn it and sing it. [page 244 in the LDS Children's Songbook] I think all my children learned it also.

I have a child that is a bit like a pansy - in  a good way.
She finds spots to gladden and does so.
Her talents are many - she just arrived that way!

She also arrived with bouncy curls,
long lashed bright eyes and
the widest laughing smile I had ever seen.

At birth she wore her caul like a bridal veil and throughout childhood would often place blankets, or other cloth objects over her head in a similar fashion and parade about as a 'princess' or 'bride'. She was especially fond of lace and ruffles and PINK! Purple was good but pink was mandatory - that and green - her favorite everything was green.

At age 4 she would tackle anything that came to her mind, or sight or hearing and could ride a 2 wheeler bike without training wheels.   She begged a ball of yarn and a pair of needles to knit 'like mommy' - and taught herself to do so by watching.  She made a scarf for her grandma.

She drew and painted and crafted with any and all materials available and STILL does so. Then it was egg cartons turned into carts for her pretty ponies and a small empty box from her brother's new scriptures made into a doll bed: but that is enough - this list could be unending ... but must also include a knack with animals.

(She once approached 2 fierce Dobermans, eye to eye, fearlessly and they backed away tail between legs to their open mouthed master.  She followed and patted them and they licked her 3 year old face while she threw her arms around their necks and scratched their ears.  Her cowboy grandfather said he had never seen a child that had more 'knack' with horses - she loved them and they loved her. I think she still owns the hand made bridle dad gave her.)

Now the list is even longer and she uses fancy cameras, computer programs and big girl tools like saws and drills and kitchen machines to make weddings and furniture and clothing and photos and food and every other fancy a girl or boy's mind may dream of. (And we each are just girls and boys - still.)

What is your dream? She likely could make it come true! If she wanted to - AND could find the time between her escapades.

I dabble at crafts, by comparison, but I did fancy up a small cheesecake for her birthday - I made some sugared pansies.  They make me think of all the sweet things she does to brighten every corner she occupies  

looks funky here - poor lighting and heavy sugar account for that,
the cheese cake is a nice creamy color and the pansies are pansy purple

Happy Birthday, baby girl.