• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, August 26, 2016


I received a message from my sister today.
Mother is near the end of her life. Doctor's have discontinued all medications except what is necessary to ease pain.

In June I posted 3 bits of loving advice from mom:

     1. Be Happy,
     2. Take care of yourself,
     3. Make time for family.

Midnight has come and gone, and I sit pondering life and death.

I teach gospel-doctrine class in Sunday School.
This week the lesson is from Alma chapter 40, 41, and 42.

It's about life and death - now and forever. These chapters are all about being perfectly changed, and restored to life after death. Alma also teaches that we acquire the attitudes, attributes and characteristics of all eternity now in this life.

As I sat pondering mother's 3 bits of advice, I wondered (if I could ask her advice one last time) what counsel she might give. I felt as if I heard her voice in my mind, reminding me of what I have heard her say many times:

"Be Kind."

I thought about that.
One of mother's characteristics is kindness.
I wondered, "Am I kind?"
Are my words and my actions kind?

As I considered this I imagined her voice speaking more firmly,
specifically and directly to me. "Be More Kind."

The 3 words summarize every aspect of her life and attributes.
"Be More Kind."