• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My father often greets me with "Hello, beautiful."

Even when he can't see me.
I bet you've heard him answer the phone, "Hi good looking!"

And he means it. He sees all people as beautiful. He sees them each as a wonderful creation and child of God, an Eternal Father.

I have heard it so much that it has become second nature and habit.

Recently I said it, in an automatic kind of way, to a young adult. She asked me why I said that.

I was caught off guard. Why did I say it? Is it just a habit? Or do I believe it? She had recently delivered her first baby. I looked her straight in the eye and truthfully, with all the conviction of my heart replied, "Because you are."

I wish every child could know they are beautiful.
I wish every person might know how beautiful they are.

I am so grateful for the example of my loving parents.

My mother taught me that I can be happy the way I am.

She couldn't wear lipstick and other makeup. The few times she tried she got painful sores on her skin and mouth. She decided to never put it on again. She taught me that Heavenly Father made me the way I am and I should never be ashamed of the way I look.

She taught me to never do anything to myself and my body that hurts.

One day a child pushed on her ample stomach and rudely said, "Why are you so fat?"

She laughed and said, "Because I am happy."

I have thought of that many times since then. She WAS happy. And she didn't let what other people thought of her outward appearance keep her down for long. Sure she wanted others to see her beauty - don't we all? AND she set a powerful example of being happy the way she was.

My father often told her she was beautiful - and even more often he said, "hey good looking!

That can be said to anyone.

My choice parents have influenced my thoughts and habits.

Hey, good looking - you know you are - right?