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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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Died: 8 May 1957 Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Buried: 11 May 1957 Aetna, Alberta, Canada

Cardston News 16 May 1957

My mother's maternal grandfather died a couple years after I was born. His funeral was announced alongside another Cardston resident in the weekly 'Cardston News' after their funerals. Also in the same section of print we see his daughter and her husband, Magnus [and LuRay] Jensen from Hartley; my mother [a granddaughter], Mrs. Garth Forsyth; and his son, Hugh [and Zelma] Bohne from Lethbridge. 

Mary Hudson was the widow of Harold Hopkinson.
Her name is reported incorrectly in this article.

His biography and obituary were also published in the same 'Cardston News'. These news articles tell the names of many family members and friends. My father tells me that Mrs. Verona Merkley is in fact Veronica Merkley wife of Cal Merkley and that she taught dad Sunday School.

Whispering Hope  lyrics and music link below
The Teacher’s Work Is Done unknown lyrics/tune

The grave of Henry Magnus Bohne lies between the graves
of his first wife, left-Laura Elizabeth Carpenter,
and second wife, right-Mary Hudson Hopkinson

I visited the Aetna cemetery in the late spring just after the flooding a few years ago. Many graves had heaved or sunk. Some had deeply hollowed pits 4 feet or more deep. My father and mother visit the family graves there regularly and help make sure the stones are set properly and not tipping. My father has often filled and smoothed graves or straightened monuments that needed to be leveled.

When my mother visited these graves with Aunt LuRay and the inscriptions were becoming illegible an inexpensive solution was suggested and implemented. Mother (at that time physically healthy and able) returned with her art supplies and carefully hand lettered in the shallow existing groove (with a brush) the names and dates in black paint. I remember helping take Aunt LuRay back to her father's grave to see the completed project.

Aunt LuRay lived in Cardston, near enough to visit her parent's graves when she wished. She was always pleased to know another generation was visiting ancestors last resting places. I heard my mother tell her mother about the graves and their condition several times. Grandmother, Elna Campbell [1909-2003], and her sister LuRay [1905-2001]were the last two living sibings. Grandma lived a bit further away in Hillspring and was not often able to make such trips.

When I ordered Great Grandfather's death certificate 50 years had not elapsed since his death and so on the photo copy I was sent (from the provincial archives) the cause of death had been 'blacked out' with a heavy marker. One day when I was sitting in the sunshine working on family history the light shone through the back of the certificate and I could read what had been written. It said the cause of death was, a) 'Hypo Static Pressure' 10 days [duration], b) 'Perforated bladder' 10 days [duration], c) Congestive Heart Failure 1 month [duration].

Soft As The Voice Of An Angel
Breathing A Lesson Unheard
Hope With A Gentle Persuasion
Whispers Her Comforting Word

Wait Till The Darkness Is Over

Wait Till The Tempest Is Done
Hope For The Sunshine Tomorrow
After The Shower Is Gone

Whispering Hope, O How Welcome Thy Voice
Making My Heart In Its Sorrow Rejoice

Hope Has An Anchor So Steadfast

Rends The Dark Veil For The Soul
Wither The Master Has Entered
Robbing The Grave Of Its Goal

Come Then O Come Glad Fruition

Come To My Sad Weary Soul
Come Thou O Blessed Hope Of Glory
Never O Never Depa