• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Otherwise known as SMALL CHANGES -

This is about that other project I mentioned I tackled.

I love beautiful wreaths.
It is commonly known as a symbol for eternity.

I hate most wreaths -
perhaps not the wreath per se but just how neglected they may be.

I owned one - a ratty one.
I bought it as the base for a project that I never got around to.
I hung it anyway. It was made of simple 'hay looking' materials painted white with a bit of sparkle tossed on.

It was OK by itself or with a few embellishments but over the years the paint became worn, the sparkle fell off and many areas lost broken bits and pieces. It had even become slightly lopsided.

Since I am having an affair with purple paint anyway I decided to include it in the frenzy.

I tried it first with 'proper' made-just-for such-things type of paint (left of course from a remodeling project) - that was a waste of expensive paint! The wreath became a lovely shade of lilac.


I painted it purple with cheap spray paint -
and glittered it with purple too.

When I started to add embellishments and purple poinsettias
[including the original navy one I painted purple]

original navy poinsettia is on the right

 to the evergreen wreath I was working on, this other wreath was a natural target for leftover bits, ribbons, ornaments and excess creativity that seemed to be keeping me wired those days.

My total investment consisted of the wreath itself (that I bought for $3), a 5$ splurge for a spool of bright green ribbon and the poinsettias, berries and purple paint I was getting anyway - I did buy an extra stem ($1 a piece - 3 total) of each at the dollar store to be sure I did not run out. I am not counting the dead wreath from the attic, ornaments that will continue to live in my over-the-laundry storage bins, or the glue, glitter, and 3D glitter paint languishing in the craft cupboards but if you don't have such things you would have to plan for those purchases.  So about 12 - 15 dollars for the 2 wreaths. Estimate 20 if you have to buy the glitter/glue etc.

 [Sorry I didn't take any before pictures of the evergreen wreath - you will have to imagine it - you know you can - you probably donated it or one like it to the 2nd hand I bought it at - oh, and btw - tuck that image of your worn out wreath away in the back of your brain so we can find it again later.]

Little and simple changes may effect many things.
Good changes bring good results. Very small things can cause what look like and become great changes or effects.

The same is true in our lives.

I tend to sit in the same spot in the living room, on the same chair at the table, and kneel to pray by one side of my bed where my actions have become habit. One day I decided that spot on the couch was getting too worn so I now deliberately choose to sit in a different spot - usually.  When I sat in a different chair at the table the rest of the family almost couldn't sit down to eat! My habits apparently affect my family significantly.

Recently I decided to kneel around the corner on another side of the bed. Surprisingly, that decision affected my prayers - for the better. I think more about who I am talking with and what we are discussing. I really am surprised.

Little things - who knew?!?

Are you still imagining that wreath you donated?

Could it be this one?

I only made a few small changes!