• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Happy Birthday!

Alliteration is almost always nice. I know you like to be called Dear David, partly because of that. You love words and you love to play with words.

You also know the power of words.

Words can be kind or cruel.
Words can cut or comfort.

I love you and look up to your courage. When you learn truth you take hold of it and change whatever there is in your life that needs to be changed. Thank you David.

My father is a man of such courage. New things and ideas are challenges that never seemed to daunt him. He learned to ski at age 50 and this week at 85 he asked to be my friend on Facebook!!

Bring the smelling salts please!

My father also has great moral courage.
He is an example to his numerous posterity.

We look to you, David, to be led in such things.
You are like him in many ways.
A reflection in more than numbers of an age.
(He pointed out that you are the reverse of his age.)

What a surprise to see your recent FB post.
Thanks for your courage.
Thanks for your willingness to learn, and change.

I saw the posts that caused you to write your bold statement.
It bears repeating.

Thanks you for your words.
They are wonderful.

"I have seen going around Facebook a post about how wonderful it was to be raised by parents who spanked.

"I was one of those who spanked. I sincerely regret ever having done so. I want to share a childhood experience. I was hiking with my father and stepped in a cactus. It stuck in my Achilles tendon. It was too painful to take it out. My father pulled it out for me and continued without another thought about it.

"At that moment I would have done anything for my father.

"When we raise our children we need to teach by precept. We need to give them all the information they need, then we need to have them give it back to us, so that we are sure they understand. We need to teach them to be good and nice.

"We need to teach by example. Hitting - in anyway - is not goodness or kindness. It is not being nice.

"If I spanked you, I'm sorry. It was not nice. I promise never to do it again. (Of course I could not spank you. I mean I will not spank your children and I hope that you will not either.) Please do not follow my bad example."

Thank you David Dear; thank you for leading out.
Thank you for your courage and humility.
Love Linda