• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Spring is coming.

Mostly I like spring.
It has one downside.

This is why 'pooper scooper' laws were made

Snow hides some undesirably, noxious things.

I do not own a dog.
No one in my house owns a dog.
LOTS of my neighbors own dogs.

I do not own a cat.
I do not have any pets of any kind.
I do not have any desire to pet or pamper yours.

Don't get me wrong - I love animals.
I grew up on a farm. We had lots of animals.
They lived outside or in the barns.
We fed them and loved and played with some of them.
But they were not generally allowed in the house.

My mother kept our home very clean.
There was dirt and dirty dirt.
Manure was dirty dirt - filth.
It was not allowed in our house.

If you had it on your clothes or feet you were not allowed in the house either. 'Barn clothes' were stripped off and hung up in a small entry at the back door and regularly scrubbed clean - that was a lot of scrubbing. There were 11 children and 2 adults helping to care for the animals.

And we were all taught how to be clean.
Even barns have to be kept clean from filth.

If barns are not properly cleaned animals get sick and die.
And animals on a farm are your livelihood!

Do you think our neighborhood is exempt?
Do you think you are exempt from disease?
Should filth proliferate on lawns and sidewalks?
Studies say it may even contaminate the air in urban centers.
Who should clean it up?

I notice hyacinth tips pushing through thawing flower beds.
We got the debris cleaned off and plants uncovered yesterday.
What else is a holiday for?

We also cleaned up the neighborhood pet toliet - our yard!

Animal feces of all sizes, shapes, and colors from our front yard.
This collection represents approximately 10 weeks.

Disgusting - totally disgusting: sickening actually.

We are going to try a product we researched online.
It promises to help animals not 'deposit' where it is applied.
We applied it to every cleaned spot.
That required an entire bottle.
There were a LOT of spots!
It is only effective for one week.

Do you really not understand what constitutes filth?
I see your dog sniff where the last animal eliminated.
I see them roll, and grovel and dig in it.
I see your animals lick excrement and even eat it.
And then I watch you smile as they lick you child's face.
And give what you call 'kisses' on your mouths!

You can have all you want of that any time - come on over and get it fresh! Don't wait for your dog to bring it to you in such small amounts - there is plenty!


I think you are deluded!!

But please don't try to delude me.
Your dog doo is not welcome in your yard - or mine.

It is filth

Responsible pet owners keep their homes, yards, neighborhoods, and parks clean - especially free of the filth of feces.

When I step in or smell the wide variety deposited so many careless places the first words that come to mind are not clean. I work diligently at not saying such words.

Riddle me this - why are there laws about such things?
To help me with my language?
To make your life more difficult?


And BTW - remember -  if you ever feel like licking or eating excrement come on over - you're welcome to any you find in my yard.