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Friday, March 16, 2012


Died: 16 March 1941, Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Buried: Hillspring, Alberta, Canada

Some sources state that he died 19 February 1939.
As can be seen from the death certificate above that is incorrect.

For privacy, when this certificate was obtained,  any certificates not over a specified number of years had the cause of death blacked out. One day while sitting at a table in the sunlight I happened to notice that on the original I was holding that I could read through the ink used to stroke it out. It said the cause of death was Cardiac Decomposition.

The 18 March 1941 edition of the "Cardston News" carried a notice that William Warren Campbell passed away.

The 1 April 1941 edition published funeral details.

William Warren Campbell b. 3 August 1871 d. 16 March 1941 

Age: 70 years, 7 months, 13 days.

Can you identify the unknown couple on the right -  the car or the place?
My mother knew her Grandfather and Grandmother Campbell.

She tells many stories about picking peas for the first of July or making ice-cream with him for big celebrations in the town of Hillspring, Alberta where they all lived. I am working on typing those stories for a history.

He is buried in Hillspring, Alberta, Canada where he lived so many years. His wife Phoebe Alice Tolman is buried there also, nearby. His son, William David Campbell,  (my grandfather), is also buried nearby.