• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Two days ago my husband went to Horizon Credit Union to cash a cheque.  The teller mistakenly put it in my personal account instead of cashing it.

My husband does NOT have his name or signature on that account. He asked for the money. She then withdrew the money using his signature.  I believe he could have withdrawn any amount he requested at that moment.

Beware - Horizon makes 'little' mistakes like that. When they 'mistakenly' gave him a year's printout history of my account I notified them in person, and in writing and requested that this private account be kept private.  I also stopped using that account except for our car loan that is attached to it.  Yes his name is on the car loan. Horizon assured me that does not affect the account and that he does not have access to it.

I have nothing to hide from my husband or anyone else.  My finances have always been transparent in our marriage but I have also learned that my spouse and I do not think alike or manage money in quite the same manner.

Whether we like it or not the frustrating vestiges of a system that allowed some (often white men) to discriminate against others is still part of the very psyche of much of our world. We now often hear and see discrimination against those that dominated that archaic system. Their error is used as an excuse to perpetuate the same kind of mistake in reverse!

Good people never truly exploit other people although some good people did not or have not learned to value others. I will leave that exposition for another post - if  I ever feel so inclined.

Discrimination will only be rooted out when each of us makes conscious choices to value and respect every person regardless or race, gender, age, health, religion, political affiliation or any other factor.

That statement could be a dissertation!
A lengthy one.
I will leave it as is - a shortened deliberate statement.

Meanwhile I will begin in my own heart and mind.

Who do I fail to respect?

Do I hate them because they have more __________ or less?
I could make a list for the blank in the sentence above that might include stars and dots, power, money, talent, friends, religion, happiness, grammar, property, opinions, knowledge, - you get the idea!

I could also expound on any one or all of the possible entries and choices for the blank and justify, excuse or explain pros or cons.

OR I can start now to respect others more.

I can look inward and act more kindly outwardly.

I can treat myself with respect ...
and I can pass that respect on -
first to my own family -
my spouse, parents, siblings, children etc.

I will spare you another blank -
you know who your family consists of.

I commit to start today!