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Monday, March 19, 2012


Happy Birthday.

There is a picture of you as a young boy in a swing that comes to mind when ever I hear the word happy.  In the picture you are laughing in delight with the pure joy and exhilaration a swing can give - I love that feeling.

My family always had a swing. Usually it was on the beams that held up the clothes line between two end poles. My father would cut an old tire so that the middle circles remained intact but half the actual tire was missing. When it was turned inside out it made a swing like a 'chair'.  Here is an old picture (although badly damaged) of your Aunt Ginger when she was a toddler in such a swing. She loved to swing too.

I often sat curled up in the tire swing just swaying in the warm sunshine - I could stay there for hours. Sometimes when I was older I would read but often I just swayed to and fro quietly watching the sky and clouds, the animals and busy farm life around me.

 I think some of my happiest moments were sitting in a swing like that, one toe dragging along the ground or pushing myself every now and again to keep the swing moving slightly.

A whole room may be a bit much but
what about just a smaller area or wainscoting?

I know you love Legos.
Did you know that I love Legos too?

 I saw a fun idea. Make a Lego bulletin board or wall with the base plates. Even if you only had a small area you could be very creative...

 I also saw one that had a long narrow bin underneath the Lego bulletin board. And if you can get that creative why not have some display shelves along each side of it too?

And I love this picture of a wall at a Lego store.
The things you could stash on it would be pretty endless!

I hope you have a very nice day.
And lots of quiet time to enjoy.

Keep smiling - and as Uncle Tad says,
"If you can't lift the corners let the middle sag".
 Love Grandma and Papapa