• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The most precious gift my father ever gave to me 
is the ability to read well and the desire to read 
… most specifically the scriptures. 

One of my earliest and fondest memories is of my father reading bible stories to us children - all piled on his lap and grouped around him snuggled up, all together.  He made the stories alive and wonderful as he read and I can remember him helping me learn to read those same stories (with much help and encouragement from my mother too, of course) when I began 1st grade at age 5.  I read all 10 books that year. [The Bible Story by Arthur Maxwell with pretty blue covers and lovely pictures to look at]

I could always ask my Father's guidance and direction, opinion or help not only about reading, but always about anything at all.  I knew it. I still can - and do.

That is a significant gift that stands out on its own merits - having a loving father I could trust and rely on to be gentle and patient - he modeled the very things he wanted me to know about our Father in Heaven.

He could be trusted to tell it real and straight and kindly. When dad talked I knew he spoke truth. He has always had an uncanny ability to convince people of whatever he is trying to tell them.  

He often expressed disgust at salesmen that could say things just to sell something.

When he talked, you knew he was sincere. If he decided to sell you something or convince you of a principle usually you listened and seldom did you finish without agreeing … even when people really were contrary he could work with them.  From him I learned love and acceptance for all good - people, animals, things, places, events, plants, abilities - everything, all good - and to seek it. 

A scripture comes to mind -
“… by their fruits ye shall know them.”  Matthew 7:20 ; 3 Nephi 14:20