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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Biting insects are plentiful in Canada and can seem quite large.

I swear this one sounded like a helicopter in our hotel room
until  introduced to fate by Papa.

We went to a family reunion in Cardston last month. Mosquitoes don't usually bother me much - especially if you are near by - they seem to think you taste better. On this last trip I met a few that were very persistently pesky. I wondered if I was going to need  a useful tool I found once in the 'Dollar Store' there. It was an immediate must have.

I am sure this could 'skin out' biting flies, too. 

I purchased this little gem a couple of years ago. I would buy you one as a souvenir if I could find them again. 

I watched one mosquito land on my denim jacket and walk around, up and down. I wasn't worried about getting bitten. She was small and my jacket was heavy. She stopped and I saw her working at finding lunch. To my surprise it was not long before I felt her probing and introduced her to the next life. Really? - she could get through heavy denim?

This tiny, real workable pocket knife is a mere 1 1/2 " long.

We have heard quite a few mosquito jokes. Like:

Q: How do you know if you have a tough mosquito?
A: You slap him and he slaps you back.

And did you see the picture of the mosquito drinking the red bar on one end of the Canadian flag?It is not uncommon to see flags flapping in the wind with only one bar left - the furthest out end is completely gone! LOL.  If you happen to have a picture I would love to post a copy.

This 'swatter' we found while visiting family in Northern Canada one year goes nicely with our pocket knife. We use it to help 'hunt' for mosquito 'fur'.


 If you are going to be eaten alive you might as well laugh as cry.

* When I was a kid growing up in Cardston, Alberta, Canada and someone told tall tales, a whopper of a story, or played a prank it was common to hear, "Just Jokes".