• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Want a tuna fish sandwich?
It doesn't look like much.

When you're hungry, a nice thick sandwich is terrific.
I like mine with finely chopped dill and onions.

Put on a plate and sliced it seems a bit nicer.
But it is hardly a feast.

What about some pickles - mmm.
Papa can even eat tuna that way.

I think Papa might eat anything served on his favorite glass lunch plate. Especially if he can have 'Green Goddess' dressing with it. [Why is that stuff so hard to find anyway?]

Especially if I throw in some lettuce,
add a few vegetables and some fruit, and pour some juice.
And finish it off with a handful of chips.

Now that's a feast!

We have been feasting all day.
We feasted yesterday and today.
We watched all the sessions of general conference.
Surely it is a feast! We do it every 6 months.

How do you like your tuna?

How many ways can each food you like be prepared, presented, baked, chopped, sauced, or shredded? Do you like them fresh or cooked? do you want to chew it or drink it? I could get hungry just discussing it.

How many kinds of sandwiches do you like?
What is meat for you?
What kinds of toppings do you like?
What condiments do you add?
What about fruits? or vegetables?

And cheese - think of all the kinds of cheese.
How many things can you do to cheese?

What makes a feast?
How much of something does one need for a feast?

We decide part of having a feast is having leftovers.
Having some to enjoy again later.

Feasts seem to change us and our home.
Often the piquant or luscious odors of good things linger.

We have learned to partake prudently. We bask in the abundance and pick and choose favorite quotes and stories like tasting samples of too many good things at an all you can eat smorgasbord. We savor the fundamentals and flavors of the few hours the sessions are presented.

We know General Conference can be savored any time.
We help ourselves to a talk or 2 every Sunday afternoon.
Occasionally we have one for family home evening.
Sometimes we feast as a special occasion by topic.

We decide it is hard to feast alone.
Inviting someone to share it makes a feast more festive.

Who do I know that is hungry?
How about you? Want some fish?