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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Z to A and BACK

I have a little story to tell.

Just the first chapter or so...

"The child clung to life precariously as the Medevac helicopter whirred north to a hospital many hours away from home that housed equipment and teams of doctors that specialized in neonatal care.

This child, this tiny baby cradled by tubes and swaddled as much by technician's hands as by his father's, was only hours old. Space constraints scarcely permitted even one parent in the sky borne bubble.

Papa-pa and grandma had arrived just in time, that first day, to see the apparent robust health of a daughter's first infant, share in the first bath and joke that his name started at the end of the alphabet with Z, went all the way to the beginning at A and settled nicely, somewhere in the middle, at last.

Zaymes was picture perfect - at first.
Even his special little quirks just made him more darling.

Wearing a nurse imposed gown and mask, per standard hospital rules, Papa-pa lathered and then rinsed the abundant curls while grandma watched.  She didn't think the color of her grandson's skin looked quite right. She called for the nearby nurse.  Grandma had seen and bathed many healthy pink newborns. Zaymes, she felt, was too blue.  Although the words of the nurse seemed reassuring, her actions almost shouted otherwise as she deftly finished washing the alert blue-eyed baby and quickly bundled him into a warm, oxygenated incubator.

Now, a few ticking hours later, his life depended on quickly getting to the larger hospital with skilled specialists that could intervene using advanced machines and medicines.  If the faith and prayers of loving family and friends can effect miracles it is no wonder Zaymes lived and thrives - he has lots of family and friends and love. Of course he also received a priesthood blessing. Papa-pa drove daddy's car the many hours to meet him at the hospital, after tucking mommy safely into Grandma's car. Grandma made sure mommy arrived safely and fussed and worried and prayed enough for everybody.
Zaymes is now 10 years old."

That is the happy ending of part 1.

Grandma is amazed - already 10 years! It seems like only yesterday that those tiny fingers would barely go all the way around her thumb as she kept watch, in shifts with others, through the critical hours.  But now those same fingers can knit, and write and do many other skillful things.
And those alert baby-blues and soft blond curls can charm your socks off.

How will this story end?
How many years will it last?

Will Zaymes:
z. ____________
y. become famous?
x. ______________
w. marry a big eyed girl?
d. _________________
c. serve a mission?
b. _________________
a. have a lot of money?

Go ahead and put in a whole alphabet of questions.
Ask anything you want from z. to a. and back again.
I don't have any answers ... yet -

Zaymes will have to write the rest of this story - each year will add another exciting chapter!

Happy Birthday
And lots of love and hugs on your special day.