• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, September 17, 2012


Do you ever want more - of whatever?

More friends, optimum health, nicer cars, bigger houses, kinder family? More money, more hair, more education, a pretty nose, greater talents, stronger muscles? More toys, more gadgets, more knowledge, more wisdom, more children, clearer eyesight, more opportunity?

Is it coveting to wish to have something we don't?

Or is it longing to be more than we are?
To become something more?
To be more perfect?

Longing for ideals is not a bad thing.

We want family to be perfect. We want to look our best, have the best, eat the tastiest, know everything, share everything, do everything - enjoy everything.

I want to be perfectly happy - full of joy.
I want to enjoy all good things.
You should have such joy also.

Today I find myself praying for for us both.

As we long for ideals, and feel the pangs of being less, may God comfort and sustain us - more. He is our ultimate role model. He has everything. I know he loves me - and you - we are his children. It is his desire to give us all he has.

He has given us a perfect pattern, his son Jesus Christ.
Jesus lived among us as a human being, yet is the very son of God.
His death ransoms us from all that is not ideal.

I pray that when we long for 'more' we are remembering our celestial, ideal selves and that we may long for Christ's ways and all those things that remind us of him and of our loving Father in Heaven.

I pray we may listen to the quiet whisperings in our heart's that remind us to be kind and patient with others and ourselves.

I pray we may let go of cynicism and its accompanying pride and skepticism, purge sin from our lives and begin to choose more commendable things that exalt and ennoble sincere longings.

I pray we may sense more of the good of life and be more grateful for all we already have.