• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, June 17, 2011


After prayer David said, "Up is farther than down,"
as he groaned a little, paused
and pushed himself to stand up and run off to work.

At work he sits all day - mostly.

We have lots of work in the yard that requires bending stooping and kneeling.  Our knees complain a little after several hours of abuse.

After he spoke I thought of the 'glass-half-full-half-empty' analogy.
Like the glass, up and down is a process not a state.
As we age, we work at making sure up or down
are NOT a state of being - either one - lol!

A funny ditty randomly plays in the back ground of my laugh
"And when your up your up,
and when your down your down,
and when you're only halfway up
you're neither up or down!"

I have many ways I am neither up or down.
I suppose it doesn't really matter a lot -
as long as there is purpose in being -
or down
or neither ...

It is, after all, a process - right?

Now back to clover,
overgrown, down on the knees,
tangled going to seed clover!

Hard-at-work productivity is a good thing -
(except when it comes to clover - it should not be productive)
especially for an 'up and down and neither' mind.