• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, December 17, 2012


What if...

Yesterday I heard someone soliciting donations of 'stuffies' for the children that have suffered trauma in recent sad events. They were providing an address back east, that the things to express comfort and hope to hurting children, could be sent to. 

It didn't feel right. 

I have been thinking since then - what if I sent comfort to each one of my grandchildren? Surely they feel frightened by such things too. That might help them know there are 'helpers' - loving arms and hands that are just for them.

And what if I sent my niece's children some kind of comfort? They are asking their mom why this happened. Like the rest of us she doesn't know. I have many nieces and nephews. They have many children. How can I possibly comfort each one of them? Although that is impossible for me to send tangible gifts, it is important that each one knows there are helpers that love them, will care if they are not happy and will do what ever they can.

I hope I have smiled at each of them when we met.
I hope they remember when they met me at our reunion.
I hope my own family is not afraid, or alone.
I hope they know I will always love them and help them.

And what if I took some things down to the local school tomorrow, before it is released for the holidays on Friday? I wish I could give every single child, at every single school here a 'stuffie' and a hug. I wish I could do the same thing for their teachers and other school staff.

I can't. I have an idea but no money. I do have words though. I can send cards and letters and e-mails to many. And I can send up prayers - especially I can send prayers.

So who do you know that may need some comfort?
They may need it right now.
A child? Or an adult? 

Who can we each be a little more kind and gentle to? 
Who can each of us reach out to in comfort?
What about saying thanks to someone for something?

Is there a place or a person where we can help to diminish fear? 

Is there a way we can speak or act more kindly?

Can we do this?
Especially among our own? 
Our own families? 
Our own schools? 
Our own communities? 

Let's try, please.


Let's try!