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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This morning -
early -
very early,
as I lay dozing in my warm bed, wondering why my husband was up earlier that usual and ... (what ??? did I just hear the outside door????) - I heard the pitter, pitter, patter of not so tiny feet on my roof top! I promptly jumped out of my bed to see what was the matter!

I admit I did not move to any sash (either of door or window) in a flash, but I was certainly there at the door for re-entry. Thank goodness it has been raining all week and most of the roof is bare, but at that time of the morning I was extremely relieved to hear footsteps on the gravel drive and see him when I looked out the front door as he rounded the corner . I don't know what I thought I might see from under the porch in my nightie - maybe his broken body on the ground? It was frosty - he says the ice was only in a few places!

Hubby knows I love the lights.  

He went up top
and replaced that green light bulb that was burned out!

Now that is a SHINING gift! don't you think?  
I do! 

I tried to take a picture to show you but I am kind of wiggly jiggly today.  Here is that version.

I hope he knows I love him too.
More than colored lights.

And not just because he climbed up on a frosty roof and changed a light bulb (don't surprise me - I hate surprises) or that he went out and took the picture for me - without knowing or asking why!

He is a talented person with unique insights.  I really enjoy the things he shares - like this picture ...

The house lights are reflecting on the top of the car. He likes photography and gets some pretty cool shots at times.

He is a light in my life - 

right up near the peak.