• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Sunday, January 30, 2011


As we headed out this morning I tore a sheet from a small note book, tucked it into my pocket and grabbed a pencil.  I so need help sitting still and being quiet in church.

These are the notes that pencil made on that paper.

Remember Miss Bright Eyes?

As church began Miss Bright Eyes and her momma arrived. They sat down just in front of us.

Missy did not help me at all - to hold still that is.

Last week we sat on the other side of the chapel.
I did pretty good over there - new view point, people, and etc.

This week were back to our 'usual' place.

She looked at us and positively beamed!
That may have made my day - or week!
It is so nice to see a face light up just for me - and us!

B.E. has perky little pigtails that stick up over the bench
and a quirky little smile
that can charm even crusty old bats like me.

As the organ began the opening hymn B.E. began to sing -
a solo - using the terms loosely that is . . .

Her diligent mommy shushed her until I leaned forward and said,
"She is just singing, you know.  It is always OK to sing!"
B.E. flashed me such a beaming smile that we all knew it was so.

I admit to giving significant encouragement (from behind mom) by setting an example. "La, laaa, la, - la, lalalaah," -  I sang loudly with exaggerated mouthing.  B.E. joined in - and had more fun than some think church should allow her or me.

I told her mom later that I always encouraged my children to 'sing' in church.  It gave them an appropriate time and a way to use their voices AND they did learn to sing (and I hope love) the hymns. I remember my youngest son's cheerful loud singing.  He still loves to sing.

Several grandmas, my age, told Missy that she should be in choir - apparently she was amusing and charming more of the congregation than just me.

Bright Eyes was having a hard time holding still herself today. She spent some time on the floor and under the bench fussing.  Looking at my boots and touching the toes distracted her - funny thing - those boots kept doing tricks - I am sure they had a mind of their own.  I was trying to behave.

Later I loaned her my pencil -
and my paper -

and another piece we found in my pocket.

She liked my shiny pencil almost as much as I do.
I drew her a '2 second stick portrait' and handed over the pencil.
I pantomimed for her to draw me.

She did. That is just what I look like every morning.

I had a novel idea as she learned to use the eraser. Maybe ... oh never mind. I don't think an eraser works on real people.

I tried to listen to the speakers - honestly I did.

One of them was talking about a teacher that had a lot of pie charts on tests to correct. I have no idea how that fits into the topic he was discussing. A good analogy stuck with me though.

He asked the teacher about the work involved to correct so many charts. The teacher explained the simplicity of making a transparency of the correct chart and laying it over the student's work. Deviations, and where corrections are needed, can be easily seen. So it is with the scriptures - they are the 'transparency' we can lay over (or hold up to) our lives.  The scriptures and the words of modern prophets, that we receive in general conference and the Ensign magazine each month, will show us where we are not aligned with God's commandments and where corrections are needed.

See I was too listening - at least a little bit ...
when I wasn't peeking under the pew
or singing over it.

Maybe I should join the choir.

And her mother was able to stay in church too.
She heard the messages also.

Do you think children realize the influence and impact they have?