• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Least anyone think a scrooge or two are living around here let the included pictures, links and videos lay to rest such foolishness. 

I hope you enjoy these videos (despite the questionable resolutions) of our rotating tree, ornaments and etc.

We have loved the purple green combination, as well as the red and gold we needed to add to have enough ornaments. It has been terrific too.  I never would have thought it up without some shopping inspiration from prepackaged stuff and the help of my talented daughters, daughter-in-laws and sisters that have encouraged me and egged me on. Thanks girls! BTW those pears glow in the dark! So do the angels and the star on top.

without lights 
I don't think you believe in any 'Scroogeness'  anyway if you have been following the process of 'decking our halls' with wreaths , lights, and etc

One friend on walking into our living room asked, "how could a person not feel happy here? This looks like 'Christmas Present' in the story The Christmas Carol".  Although the camera distorts the sound of the bells they ring true in reality. The camera also reads some of the purples as blues.  It is ironic because they all look the same color in the room.  I suppose the light reflects differently to the lens of a camera than to the lens of the eye.

Indeed it felt a bit like the Dicken's description of Christmas present around here this year.
We have and live in abundance.

We are grateful to all our family, friends and other loved ones that accept our gifts of abundance by visiting or otherwise enjoying and sharing these delights of the holidays. We will miss all the fullness and lights when we put them away to start the New Year but we also like how fresh, clean and uncluttered everything becomes from all the dusting, decorating, and un-decorating of Fall and Winter.

It is always a time to look closely into every corner and crevice and scrutinize our attitudes, needs and wants - what is working, what is not and where are the cobwebs, dust, and closet skeletons with all their dirt collecting or hiding. Some things need to see the light of change, some need to be tidied and organized, and some just need to be swept out or thrown in the trash. 

It is a wonderful time to decide what we want most and then work to achieve those desires.

What is worth preserving and what can we let go?