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Monday, February 13, 2012

DEAR 'Shel' (or George)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you, 
Happy BIRTHDAY Kimber Casheeeellllyyyy
Happy Birthday tooooo yyyoooooouuuu!

When you were named I thought I might call you by your middle name, Cashel. It never really seemed to fit. I also thought I might just call you K.C. - that never evolved - you just simply were not a 'Kasey'.

Another nickname you had for a while was 'Shel'. When someone, usually me, called you by your full name it often just kept going a bit ... kind of a teasing kind of pet name - KimberCashelllyyy - from which evolved a short and simple 'Shel' because you never liked Shelly. I don't much do nicknames, so it never was used too often. I prefer to call people by their actual name. 

You had an uncle that called you 'George' for a while - I don't really remember who - or why, but it was George that constantly ate cookies. Your other name that superseded George was 'Cookie Monster' just because you could eat a lot of cookies/crackers very swiftly and without caring a lot about crumbs. You made us laugh.

Naturally someone gave you a stuffed 'Cookie Monster' 

And then suddenly we were doing senior pictures.

We were so amazed and proud of our beautiful, and talented daughter

and you graduated from your High School

at the top of your class

saying you had only gotten your feet wet.

You are still gorgeous, talented, and clever, have a family, and much, much more education. Are you swimming in the deep end yet?

Likely not - you always were one to keep your feet on rock solid bottom. However - as nice and realistic as that is, you are also one that dreams of flying like a bird. Be sure to let us know as you soar off to new horizons and vistas. As scary and as dangerous as it can be, there is a freedom and feeling that can not be enjoyed until you float a bit.

Lots of Love Mom and Papa