• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, May 6, 2013


looking toward neighbors

I have been noticing my windows lately.

That is double edged.

Last week I observed that, except they are made of glass, I'm not really sure they can be called 'windows' anymore. I noticed they were absolutely filthy and encrusted with dirt, a white film from the sprinkler, and even traces of bird droppings - how does that happen?

Noticing these things is a good thing. A few years ago I wasn't noticing anything, much less doing something about living. Last year I saw problems developing but didn't care enough to try to fix them. But now - well, I am much more mobile and getting a bit of energy back. This spring I notice AND I care.

So what?
What am I going to do about it?

I've pondered this question the last month or so. Spring sunshine has begun to warm afternoons enough that I close the blinds to keep out heat. It also helps me to momentarily forget about the sorry state of the windows. Would I dare climb a ladder and work at window washing? Why not? It might take a long time, but with persistence, and if Papa and I worked together on a day he isn't at work, perhaps we could tackle the job one or two windows at a time: daunting but doable.

Spiderwebs and spider lunch remnants do NOT invite me to wash windows

I decided to prepare like for a marathon! I have been doing some stretches and exercises for balance and strength. I decided to take before pictures. The spider webs convinced me I am not very motivated. I decided to try to hire somebody else to do it and began to ask around. LOL

We were gone all day Saturday.
Anyone that knows us well, knew we would be.

Sunday morning I opened the blinds.
The house seemed lighter or something.

Spiderwebs, spiderwebs, wherefore art thou spiderwebs?

Well! would you look at that!
I can see out my windows.

The layers of dirt are gone!!

Well obviously Saturday, but ...

I have heard of 'a theif in the night' but this had to be broad daylight. And whoever heard of taking window dirt?  And how can we say thank you if we don't know whom to thank?

Walking around outside we noticed both our ladders were moved.

Hmmm - two ladders used - so at least two people ...

Do I care that the hard water lingers?
HA - it defies even a razor scraping.
I know - I tried!
And it looks like someone else made a serious try, also.

I suppose that someday the grapevine will tattle some detail, but for now I must simply gaze out my washed windows and enjoy seeing the birds (much better than excrement), watch the garden and flowers grow, and the trees fruit with unabashed appreciation.

Thank you - all of you ...
Were there several?
The dirt near the house reveals a few tracks.

BTW: did you misplace a pair of small gloves?
I will leave them on the porch.
And I won't peek if you come to get them.

Know this though, I will be praying for you.

God saw your kind deed.
He knows who you are.
And he knows your secret needs and desires.

He rewards openly secret kind deeds.
The scriptures teach us that.

I am asking him to grant them to you.
I will be asking Him every time I look through a window.