• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, October 1, 2012


Happy 13th!!

We hope you have a great day!
I think you will because you are that kind of guy.
A person of 'good cheer'.
Your father was always like that when he was your age.
He was a boy of good cheer and humour.

 When I was your age, I used to dread choosing teams for games. I was one of the slowest, smallest, and clumsiest of kids. You can guess how soon I got picked - usually near the last.

I loved to play games though. I had fun, no matter which team I was on, whether we won or lost, as long as I got a fair chance to play. I couldn't hit the ball out of the park. I never knew where the puck was or what a 'down' meant and why would I try to stop you from getting the ball through the hoop if you could?

Such things didn't worry me too much.
It was more important to just have fun.
I wanted everybody to have fun together.

I had lots of brothers and sisters to play Checkers, Fish, Monopoly, Old Maids, Sorry, or Crazy 8's with. We loved to play Button Button, Slambangs, Ante-I-Over, hide and seek, all kinds of tag and other games.

You are blessed with many brothers.
And you have a cheerful mom and dad.
I hope you can always have fun together.
I hope you are good friends.
Family makes the best birthdays ...

And other days too!
Love Grandma and Papa